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Support Girls in Leadership!

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Girls Leading the Way!

“Loved it! My favorite part was when we got to hear all the speeches and when we looked around and learned about the past history of women leaders.”

"Brianna, age 11, was shy and tended to keep to herself. Until she won the Ms President US election. After realizing her potential, she stood up, started an anti-bullying program at her school, and has used her voice to make positive changes for all the other shy kids around her. All it took was a little inspiration, and an invitation to the podium."

As the girls in 4th-8th grade move through the eight sessions, they learn about leadership, how to use their voice, why having more females at the table makes a difference, how personal concerns can lead to public laws and changes in behavior, and ultimately, what it takes to advocate for their platform. All while meeting local, state and federal female leaders, up close and personal.

Ms President US motivates and prepares girls to aim for the highest civic leadership positions.